HAREI is a NH-based, non-profit organization of residents and businesses intent on implementing more efficient and sustainable energy practices, with a focus on renewable energy for the homeowner. 

HAREI’s mission is to reduce barriers to the use of renewable energy and conservation by providing education to help members plan their energy futures, and by providing volunteer labor to help members install renewable energy systems at minimal cost.
  • Renewable energy is a Long Term Investment 
  • Exploit local strengths in residents and small businesses 
  • We are largely on our own, but we can do this
  • Increase the local knowledge base in renewable energy options 
  • Help create sustainable communities one household at a time 
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I love the idea... How do I join HAREI?

  • Just show up at one of our twice-monthly meetings, or 
  • Call or send e-mail to a Board of Directors member (contact info on FB and the web site)

Is HAREI paid for its work?

No. HAREI is an organization of like-minded volunteers.

What is the advantage of working with HAREI vs going straight to a green vendor?

Benefits of HAREI membership include:

Renewable energy-related product and service discounts:

As a member, you will opportunity for significant savings on renewable energy materials, supplies, services and shipping rates from an ever-increasing network of related businesses.

Energy Assessment and Planning Sessions:

As a member you can schedule an Energy Assessment and Planning Session at your home/business with a HAREI staff or volunteer to formulate an energy plan. This plan will help you identify steps toward energy reduction and
efficiency. You will be given information and ideas that will help you further your energy conservation goals.

Initial Renewable Energy Site Visit:

The purpose of this visit is to discuss the best alternatives for renewable energy resources at your site. This visit is recommended as the first step for people contemplating installing a renewable energy system such as solar electric or a solar water heating system.

Guidance on Planning for your Energy Future

HAREI will provide you with contacts and resources to aid in the completion
of the details of your energy plan.

Networking and Information Sharing Opportunities:

Some current members of the Initiative have agreed to share their experience and acquired knowledge with others seeking to do energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy installations. The Initiative will work with you to set up one on one meetings with these volunteers...called HAREI’s Energy Advisors. HAREI members are encouraged to put their name on the Energy Advisor list if they have something they’d like to share with other members. When a fellow member requests information the HAREI office will contact you first to see if you are available to set up a meeting.

Access to Educational Information Sessions:

Information Sessions for homeowners and tradespeople on such things as solar water heating, solar photovoltaic systems, wood boilers etc. will be offered regularly by the Organization. Free Educational Sessions will be provided on such things as Energy Basics, Netmetering and Energy Efficiency Products during break out sessions at HAREI Energy Exchange Membership Meetings. In addition, HAREI will help you schedule a tour of a renewable energy installation similar to the chosen alternative for your site.

Opportunities for Energy Raisers and Energy Exchanges:

Energy Exchanges – a gathering of members will be scheduled regularly for inspiration, networking and resource sharing. These will be announced in the Membership Updates.
Energy Raisers – Modeled after community barn raisers, Energy Raisers are productive, hands on educational events that take place on the day of a member’s solar installation. Travel restrictions apply.

Notification of special programs and resources through Membership Updates:

Members will receive regular e-mails on regional events, products and news articles on energy related issues

What is an Energy Raiser?

A renewable energy resource installation project that is planned and organized by HAREI members, funded and managed by the homeowner, executed by a largely volunteer team that is modeled after an Amish “barn-raising” & the tradition of neighbor helping neighbor.

Helps bring down installation costs & educate homeowners about how system works.

Installations include solar hot water/thermal, solar photovoltaic, windmills.

Who files permits for the work?

As the homeowner, you must apply to your local building department to arrange for the proper permits. Depending on the work planned, you may need a building permit, an electrical permit, and/or a plumbing permit. You may be able to fill out the permit online, or you may be required to apply in person. You will also be responsible for paying the fee (typically under $200). Each town will have their own procedures, and requirements for supporting documentation. You will also be responsible for applying for the permit in a timely fashion before the work starts, and arranging for inspection (if needed) after the work is complete.

HAREI can help identify what permits are necessary, and provide some or all of the supporting documentation, such as a site survey and the equipment installation manuals.

As the homeowner, you may have free or low-cost access to the town recycle center to dispose of materials, such as roofing material and old water heaters.

Who acquires and pays for the materials/equipment?

The homeowner is responsible for paying for all the materials and equipment, and possibly rental of tools for the project. HAREI would expect to arrange for discounted or at-cost pricing of some of the materials.

How do I get the rebates, tax credits, tax abatements, etc?

There are many beneficial one-time and/or on-going cost-offsets and potential income from residential energy projects. These are dependent on many variables, such as the type of project, where you live, what your tax situation is, and what rebate/credits are currently available. In 2013, these options could include
  • Federal tax credits for solar projects
  • Federal tax credits for energy efficient appliances
  • Local utility credits for solar projects
  • State utility commission credits for energy efficient appliances
  • On-going local property tax abatement
  • On-going income from generating renewable solar energy
  • On-going credits toward your electric bill for energy you generate but don't use
You, with the help of your tax preparer for some of the items, are responsible for applying for the benefits in a timely fashion. HAREI will help you by identifying your options and submission schedules, and providing supporting documentation.

What is an Energy Exchange?

A gathering of members for inspiration, information, networking and resource sharing. Energy exchanges are great ways to network with supportive vendors. 
What are my responsibilities as the homeowner / ER recipient of an Energy Raiser?
  • Be the Project Manager
  • Procure supplies and materials
  • Feed the volunteer crew
  • Plan to protect worker/member volunteers
  • Accept liability for the safety of worker/member volunteers
  • Enable planning and execution
  • Obtain building permits and submit rebate/credit apps

How much lead time is needed for an Energy Raiser project?

  • 2 to 4 months depending on the complexity and selected technology
  • May also depend on availability of rebates/credits

How does HAREI identify and recommend vendors to partner with?

Networking, solicitation and experience

How do I join HAREI?

  • Just show up at one of our twice-monthly meetings, or
  • Call or send e-mail to a BoD member (contact info on FB and the web site)

What does HAREI membership cost?

HAREI is a State and Federally acknowledged non-profit organization. Membership carries a modest annual fee to cover administrative costs, currently $40 per
year. Annual HAREI dues are due on April 1st. Dues are $20 from Sept 1 to Dec 31 but is only for the balance of the calendar year.
If you use the HAREI free shipping with a Renvu order you pay $150 to HAREI to contribute to the cost of our Renvu Megawatt Club membership.