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Are you ready to add solar to your home?

 72 cell panels with string inverter
June 2017
Add ~7 more panels due to increased electrical use
  SpringerMont Vernon
 Planning30 Ground Mount
~25 Rooftop
Eversource approval, sent in PUC, Ready to order
 PlanningBusiness & home - 36KWhr/year
  HouvenerHollis Summer 2017 39 Garage rooftop Panels
Equipment onsite - waiting for installer
  Gilmour HollisPlanning?30 Rooftop Panels
Has an existing Solar Thermal that has to be removed first 
Mont Vernon
~60 ground mount
25 Rooftop panels -
  DuckworthMerrimack Planning  27 Panels rooftop
Need site review/design/xls
  Sud HollisEquipment on order
33 Rooftop panels - String inverter
Scott Hamilton installing
 23 BandHollis
Panels up, waiting for final electrician June 2017
41 Rooftop panels - string inverter - Historic District

 22GrizwaMont VernonInstalled Dec 201639 Rooftop Panels
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 21 Suljevic  BedfordOnline Nov 201626 panels rooftop
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 20 Bigelow      ManchesterOnline Nov 201625 panels rooftop SolarWorld 285W, M250
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 19 WahleMont VernonOnline Oct 201622 Panels rooftop SolarWorld 290W, M250, Dynoraxx
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  Lessard ManchesterRaiser Nov 201650 panels rooftop

 18 JacobsHollisOnline Sept 201634 panels rooftop SolarWorld 290W, M250, Ironridge XR100
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 17 FiglerBedford Online Aug 201630 panels rooftop
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 16 Hamblett Brookline  Online June 2016 30 panels rooftop
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 15KowalikHooksett Online April 201620 SolarWorld 285M, M250, X100 racks, pavilion roof
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 14WerstMerrimack Online Jan 2016 30 panels ground mount Solar World 285, M250, Ironridge racks 
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 13RichardNorthwood Online 201530 Panels ground mount with batteries

 12NiemanGoffstown Online Dec 201535 panels ground mount 
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 11CaryBedford Operating Nov 2015Movable off-Grid Battery system
10ReedBowOnline Nov 201550 panels rooftop
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 9GosselinBedfordOnline Nov 201522 Panels SolarWorld 285M, M250, X100 racks, rooftop
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WoodBedford Online Oct 201535 panels Solarworld 285W, M250, X100 racks
Tilting carport design
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7Lawrence Milford Online Oct 201540 panels SolarWorld 285W, M250
Granite Quarry ground mount
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6RaoHollis Online Oct 201526 Panels  M215, Dynoraxx racks, Roof Mount

5HayesHollis Online Sep 201533 rooftop panels Solarworld 285W, M250, X100 racks
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4Ryherd Hollis Online July 201530 rooftop panels Solarworld 285W, M250, X100 racks
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3Johnson New Boston Online July 2015 10 rooftop panels SolarWorld 285W, M250, X100 racks
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2SaundersHollisOnline Jun 201415 Solarworld 275W Mono Enphase inverters 
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1GroganBedford Online Dec 2013 20 rooftop panels
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 SmithBedford Online Mar 2012Energy Charts 


GillisBedfordOnline July 2010Energy Charts