How to add home Solar Power in southern New Hampshire

HAREI members have successfully added Solar Photovoltaic electric generation to their homes (the same technology would work for businesses as well; some of the financial incentives are different).

Home Solar PV does make both financial and ecological sense in New Hampshire; seeĀ this example of a typical system, with the costs and payback.

HAREI Can Help

We can help with all the steps below; we are your neighbors and renewable energy enthusiasts who have created HAREI to encourage renewable energy adoption. We are organized to help you:
  • Learn what you need to know to succeed by taking advantage of what we've learned installing many diverse systems throughout our area.
    • Attend a HAREI information session to learn more about solar power here in NH
    • Schedule a site review by HAREI
    • Much of the review can be done online using Google Maps to evaluate the orientation of your roof. An on-site review is best for helping you to evaluate shading and any structural questions.
  • Save money on the equipment for your system by using our ability to combine orders and get group discounts.
  • Organize volunteers to help with the installation of your system in the style of an old-fashioned barn raising (we call themĀ Solar Raisers).

Steps To Solar Power:

We've outlined the process we've followed, and can help you work through each of the steps:
  1. Evaluate your opportunity to take advantage of solar power
    How to measure how much solar power you can get at your home or business, how it will offset what you pay for electricity, and what incentives are available.

  2. Design a system specifically for your home or business
    Turn the measurements and goals you determine in your evaluation into a specific design you can build yourself with help from fellow HAREI members.

  3. Apply for the permits you need to build, finance, and activate your system
    There's always some paperwork to do anything; this will guide you through how make it all go smoothly.

  4. Order the Materials
    HAREI has relationships with two suppliers, and members can help locate the items that are generic enough to get at building supply stores.

  5. Install your solar power system
    Take advantage of the HAREI group system to get discounts when buying your system components, and use our volunteer organizing structure to share the work of installing the system.

  6. Get the approvals you need to connect your system and get your incentive rebates
    How to get the final approvals you need to begin generating your own electricity and get the financial incentives that make it an even better deal.

Alternatives to the HAREI do-it-yourself method

Determine if your town has a SolarUpprogram

If your town has a SolarUp Program and the signup phase is still open, evaluate if this solution is the best for you. HAREI can help explain the benefits and costs of the SolarUp program versus a do-it-yourself project. If you choose to use SolarUp, then you don't need the rest of this guide and SolarUp will take care of the rest!