What is HAREI?

HAREI is a NH-based, non-profit organization of residents and businesses intent on implementing more efficient and sustainable energy practices, with a focus on  renewable energy for the homeowner.

Homeowners in the greater Manchester and Nashua New Hampshire areas interested in renewable energy including rooftop photo-voltaic solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and improving the overall energy efficiency of their home are welcome to join. HAREI had projects in Mont Vernon, Nashua, Amherst, Bedford and Hollis NH in 2017 - we can help in any of the surrounding towns.

Recent NH Developments relative to renewable energy and solar PV

NH Rebate Program Suspended
The New Hampshire rebate for solar installs has run out of funds, and applications for it are not being accepted at this time. We don't know when or if the legislature will restore funding or what the amount might be if they do. We have removed the rebate from our payback calculations - the good news is that it only adds slightly over a year to the payback time.

New Net Metering Rules
For system applications after Sept 1 2017, new rules for net metering will apply.
  • Instead of being credited in kilowatt-hours for any surplus power your system produces, you will be credited in dollars
  • Power you pull from the grid when your system is not producing enough will be charged at the normal retail rate (currently about 18¢)
  • Power you push to the grid when your system is producing more than you need will be paid for at the normal rates except that you'll only be paid 25% of the distribution charge; we estimate that this means at current rates you'll be paid about 14¢
This makes it a little more difficult to estimate the payback, since it depends more on when you use electricity. If you can arrange to use more electricity when your system is producing power (doing laundry or running other appliances on sunny days, for example). At this time, we have not attempted to adjust our payback calculations to account for this, so they may be slightly optimistic. 

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Will Solar Power Work For Me?
Easy check - Google Project Sunroof has begun analyzing New Hampshire addresses.
Enter your address at their web site to find out what they think. We can help you turn their estimate into reality.

Watch the video of our workshop on exactly that:

Solar Power in Southern New Hampshire

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