HAREI working meeting Tuesday Jan 19 2 Commerce Bedford - Web site refresh. See the calendar page for the latest details.

What is HAREI?

HAREI is a NH-based, non-profit organization of residents and businesses intent on implementing more efficient and sustainable energy practices, with a focus on  renewable energy for the homeowner.

Homeowners in the greater Manchester and Nashua New Hampshire areas interested in renewable energy including rooftop photovoltaic solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and improving the overall energy efficiency of their home are welcome to join. HAREI has active projects in Bedford, Milford, New Boston and Hollis NH this summer.

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Alert for existing installations

David had a panel from his ground mount system blow off the racks. He determined that the problem was that some of the Mid-Clamp T bolts were not properly aligned and thus were not able to provide adequate holding strength in high winds. The Ironridge installation manual mentions on page 4 that you need to align the notch. Be certain to check for this during installation. 


How much energy have we helped save?

See the new HowTo page for our step-by-step guide to sourcing your electricity from the sun!