Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are created from every megawatt hour of electricity produced by a solar generator. A 10 kW system produces about 12 RECs a year. RECs are sold separately from electricity and are created regardless whether the electricity is used on site or sold elsewhere.

Who buys RECs?

Electricity suppliers must buy RECs to meet the New Hampshire RPS requirement. There is no ceiling or floor to the pricing of the RECs, it is a demand and supply market where the demand is set by the State and the price is set by the market.

How do you sell your RECs?

Since individual solar owners do not produce enough RECs to sell directly to buyers, an intermediary must exist. A broker is the link that connects buyer and sellers. The broker is paid a commission of the sale of the REC(s) which i is predicated on the size of your system. Aggregate pools of smaller producers create visibility for them at auction.

How do I put my production into the system?

The State of New Hampshire requires that you have a Third Party Independent Verifier to submit your production figures. They do charge a fee usually in proportion to the sizeof the system. They verify and confirm your production and then record and report that production to NEPOOL-GIS and the NH PUC.

Most HAREI members have signed up with Knollwood Energy to register and sell their RECs. Other companies are Revolution Energy (aggregation) and Energy Audits Unlimited (independent auditor).