Steps to Add Solar Power Your Home or Business:

You are not alone in your solar journey.  In addition to this How-To section of the web site, HAREI offers additional resources to help DIYers:

The typical process is outlined below. We can help you work through each step; many can be done in parallel. Click on the down-arrow for a brief description of each step. Then click on each step which is a link to the details and supporting tools for that step.

Click on the title for each step to go to detailed step-by-step instructions for each part of your Solar Journey.

How to measure how much solar power you can get at your home or business, how it will offset what you pay for electricity, and what incentives are available.  You will also need to determine what you will do yourself versus contract out. Your skills, time and budget will determine what you do yourself versus contract out. 

Turn the measurements and goals you determine in your evaluation into a specific design you can build yourself with help from fellow HAREI members.

There's always some paperwork to do anything; this will guide you through how make it all go smoothly.

Take advantage of the HAREI group system to get discounts when buying your system components.  Members can help locate the items that are generic enough to get at building supply stores.

Get the racking system installed, complete your wiring  and take advantage of a HAREI all volunteer staffed “SolarRaiser” to get all of the panels installed.  Then,  activate/provision your system.

How to get the final approvals you need to begin generating your own electricity and get the financial incentives that make it an even better deal.

HAREI is here to HELP!

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