What is HAREI?

HAREI is a NH-based, non-profit organization of volunteers intent on implementing more efficient and sustainable energy practices, with a focus on renewable energy for the homeowner.

HAREI meetings are virtual! The links to the meeting are in the calendar invite. See the calendar link for information on joining one of our meetings or an upcoming information session.

Don't Delay! This is the year to SOLAR power your home!!!

The 26% tax credit has been extended through 2022 so you still have time get your system install underway! HAREI will be hosting virtual Solar Information sessions and solar raisers all over Hillsborough county where you can learn more - see the calendar for details.

Homeowners in the Hillsborough County Area of New Hampshire interested in renewable energy including rooftop photo-voltaic solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and improving the overall energy efficiency of their home are welcome to join. HAREI had projects in Mont Vernon, Nashua, Amherst, Wilton, Pelham, Bedford and Hollis NH in 2020 and we can help in any of the surrounding towns.

Come Join Us!

Come to one of our Raisers, Information Sessions or any meeting on our calendar and we can help you get started. It really isn't that hard! Have hold two meetings per month and the first few minutes are when we introduce HAREI to you so you don't have to attend the whole meeting.

Will Solar Power Work For Me?

The Google Project Sunroof has begun analyzing New Hampshire addresses.

Enter your address at their web site to find out what they think. We can help you turn their estimate into reality.

Watch the video of our workshop on solar power here in New Hampshire:

Most HAREI projects are included in this monitor of how much energy they have produced.


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See the HowTo page for our step-by-step guide to sourcing your electricity from the sun!