5 - Installation


If your installation is a ground mount, prepare the structure. If your roof requires reinforcing, this should be done first.

HAREI members have experience with many aspects of this and can provide advice on equipment and techniques.

Racking and inverter installation

    1. Attach the mounting rails to the structure

    2. Mount the microinverters to the rails (depending on your design, it may be easier to do this before you mount the rails).

    3. As you do this, record the position of each microinverter on the map grid provided with them (you will use this later to set up your grid monitorin

    4. Attach the Enphase trunk cables to the rails and connect each inverter to the trunk cable.

Electrical Connections

You should use a licensed electrician to create the proper connections between your main electrical panel and your array based one of the plans found in Wiring Your Solar Array.

Electrical System Labels - There are a number of places on your system where special labeling is required. Which labels are required depend to some extent on your local building code - ask your building inspector which version of the National Electrical Code they use. You can buy labels for any version of the NEC at PV LABELS .com

Solar Raiser - install solar panels

  1. Schedule your Solar Raiser

    • Organize HAREI volunteers to come and help mount all your panels (you should of course also plan to participate in at least a few of these, both to do your share and to see how it’s all done).

    • Review the Solar Raiser Checklist

  2. Execute the Owner Hold Harmless agreement for HAREI (required to hold the Raiser)

  3. Have each volunteer for the Raiser execute the Volunteer Hold Harmless document

    • It is in the homeowners best interest to ensure everyone has done this and you are responsible for making sure they do.

  4. Mount the panels and connect to inverters.

    • At this point, your disconnect switch should be off so that no power will be produced yet, but your inverters will indicate that they are ready to be connected (red flashing signal)

    • You'll be tempted to turn the system on to see that it works - because you do not yet have a Net Meter installed, if you do you'll actually be paying the electric company for the power your system produces.

    • If you are using the HAREI Ladder Lift - watch the video on how to assemble and operate it here: https://youtu.be/nTPq5zX0FUQ

There are just a few steps left before you can activate your system; see Finishing

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