3 - Permits and Other Applications

Before you order your equipment, you should apply for all the approvals you need to ensure that the system you have designed can be activated when it's built and that you will qualify for any incentives.

  1. Fill out and send in the Eversource Interconnect Application

    • Part of this application is to ensure that the lines and transformers that serve your property can accommodate your system (problems are quite rare), so it can affect your costs.

    • If your electrical provider is other than Eversource, find their application online

    • The Enphase microinverters are UL1741 Compliant - see this spec sheet

    • You will need your Eversource account number and Meter Number which are on your bill

    • Customize the Wiring Diagram from Wiring Your Solar Array

    • If you have any questions on the rest of the form HAREI can help. Here are examples of an Enphase and SolarEdge Phase 1 application.

  2. Fill out the NH PUC solar incentive pre-approval application to reserve the State incentive

    1. Download the application form from the NH Public Utilities Commission site.

    2. Enter name address etc.

    3. Under Photovoltaic System Information, enter the information about your system

    4. Use the measurements of azimuth, pitch, and shading from your evaluation

    5. Note that in spring of 2021 the PUC has stopped taking applications until 1 July 2021 - watch for updates via the PUC.NH.GOV site

      • The 10kW limit system is no longer in effect but you do need to provide a shading analysis

      • The approval expires after 9 months

  1. Apply for Building and Electrical Permits from your town.

  2. Apply for Loans if needed

When these applications have been approved, it's time to order and install your system

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