4 - Order Materials

When you have your design and permits ready, it is time to order your equipment.

HAREI has relationships with several solar system component distributors. To keep these relationships running well we have a single board member that interacts regularly with all of our primary distributors. Please work though your mentor and the HAREI "Vendor Liaison" to vet your BoM (Bill of Materials), and submit your project for competitive bid.

Most components can be ordered using the HAREI discounts. Prices will vary both between suppliers and over time (it is not unusual for there to be sales on some items, for example). Some simpler items can be obtained locally; HAREI can help you organize and represent your order to the distributors to get the best possible pricing. Once you have your project materials list in a spreadsheet contact the HAREI vendor liaison on working@harei.org to put it out for bid.

This is a local distributor (their main warehouse is in Boxborough MA) that is great to work with.

CED is located in Auburn MA. They have been pricing aggressively and deliver free to NH jobsites.

Another MA based distributer that competes for our business

A regional distributer with sites in NH, MA, NY and VT. Often has the best price on a particular component

Renvu is in California, so shipping takes longer, is plagued by breakage and will likely cost more, but has a larger selection of components and often has killer special deals. They also often have the best Enphase pricing which are fine to ship. We no longer subscribe to the MegaWatt club for free shipping due to local competitive options that are logistically easier.

Once you have your materials scheduled for delivery it is time to plan your installation!

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